Show Notes

As you may know, I was booted off Facebook three times, and then was christened a Conspiritualist by my new friend and co-conspiritualist, Denby, after being cen-sored on YouTube. As a medical doctor, I didn’t realize that I wasn’t allowed to talk about informed consent publicly, let alone provide free downloadable resources to give people essential information about inoculations that they may be offered.  I do my best to not be anti-anything. Instead, I prefer being pro-healing, pro-informed consent, pro-freedom, pro-transparency... I like staying in the energy of curiosity rather than conformity. During this episode, I will be interviewing Jason Shurka, an author, entrepreneur, and truth-seeker, who has made a big splash in the spiritual leadership arena with his compassionate and cutting-edge videos with non-mainstream spiritual and wellness leaders (whom I will not name).  Publisher of the Pyramid Code, Jason and I speak the same language. We both resonate with Unity and Harmony rather than Division and Criticism. As a sensitive soul, Jason is literally harnessing his Superpowers to spread truth in the most loving way possible.  During this interview, we will be discussing: How the 2020 pandemic radically changed his life and how he has come to express his Soul’s missionSome of the major takeaways from key “cen-sored” interviews he has had with non-mainstream truth-telling leadersThe most recent mind-blowing, consciousness-expanding truths he has come across since the pandemicHow you can thrive during this time as a truth-seeker, even if no one close to you believes youHow humanity can get to Unity Consciousness despite the forces dividing usHow the Pyramid Code can help you...and more!